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GC58 wrote:

Moral, tables:
rule 9 is the moral, the 9.3 refers the calculation of the loss of "moral loss" to the table on p. 37 of Play Book Player Aid Card and n. 2.
The two tables are very clear and show that the result applies ONLY worst possible except if it involved an Army Group or Napoleon. The table map and that of the Play Book page. 38, show that only the "Special" can be cumulative, precisely Army Group and Napoleon.
The example of game on p. 11, left column at the top, which lists as Rollup 4 Morale Loss for Riga + the deposit is clearly wrong.

It is a error?



I believe the Play Book is in error. The Tsarists should only receive 4 Morale Loss Markers due to the enemy flagging Riga. This is the worst possible result as the Imperial capture of a Friendly Depot only results in the gain of 1 Morale Loss Marker. The two events should not be added together.